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How Life is Supposed to Be

Posted in Concord, Privacy Rights on January 9, 2013 by Soap Box One

Imagine a world where elected officials from both parties work together to protect the freedom and liberty of the People who voted them into office.

Sometimes, we get to call that mystical place of legend “New Hampshire”.

Union Leader: Legislators ask to fortify NH privacy laws

Can a prospective employer demand your Facebook password to check you out before he hires you?

Should police be able to go through your garbage – or your cellphone records – without a warrant?

Do you want your personal information collected and shared with government agencies, the courts or marketers without your permission?

Just what does privacy look like in the digital age? [New Hampshire state] Lawmakers will be taking up bills that try to address [these questions] in 2013.

Protecting liberty in a proactive fashion, rather than waiting for another Kelo-esque ruling from a future Supreme Court that might not hold your freedom as dear to its heart as you do to yours. What’s not to like?

These measures definitely get the New Hampshire Soap Box stamp of approval.