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With Republicans Like This….

Posted in Concord, Nanny State on January 29, 2013 by Soap Box One

who needs Democrats?

Newton resident Renee King became pretty heated when she heard about a state Senate proposal aimed at campfires.

The bill would have prohibited all outdoor fires less than 300 feet from a neighboring residence.

So much fail, where to begin?

First, let me say that the day they criminalize sitting around my backyard firepit on a summer evening, enjoying a few drinks with friends, is the day I become a criminal. Better slap the cuffs on me now before I go off and do something really dangerous, like toast some marshmallows!

But, wait it gets worse.

It also would have prevented any smoke from an outdoor fire from crossing a property line.

We have a hard enough time getting a lot of sentient human beings to obey the law. Now, we’re supposed to believe that this bill will alter the behavior of smoke and wind?

OK, so maybe we can chalk that one up to poor writing skills.

“We wanted to see the reaction it would get,” said Sen. John Reagan, R-Deerfield, the bill’s sponsor.

Well, I’d tell you what I really think about it, but this is a family website.

~ Soap Box One