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Golden Opportunity

Posted in General on March 4, 2013 by Soap Box One

Democrats in Concord will have an excellent opportunity on Wednesday to demonstrate whose side they are on in the education debate. Will they vote for improved educational opportunities for the children of New Hampshire, or for the continuing enrichment of their political allies in the teachers’ unions?

CONCORD ­- The state House of Representatives is scheduled to vote Wednesday on charter school legislation that could set the stage for an end to a moratorium on new charters imposed in September by the Board of Education.

If the preliminary measure is approved in the House, it will go to the House Finance Committee for review, prior to a final vote, after which the Senate will have to act before the bill goes to the governor for her signature.

Despite the fact that Democrats hold both the House and the Governor’s office, there is a chance this bill will pass.

There’s still a long legislative path ahead, but charter school supporters are more optimistic than they have been for years, given that Gov. Maggie Hassan has included additional money for new charter schools in her budget proposal for the next biennium.

If the State insists on being in the education business, we must see to it that our tax dollars are used in the most effective manner possible.