Fisking the Fatuous

Weer’d Beard, blogging from south of the border in the less-than-liberty-loving Commonwealth of Massachusetts brings this righteous fisking of a Feinstein propagandist using his “expert” knowledge to explain to us ignorant, knuckle-draggers why AR-15 rifles need to be banned out of existence.

To which, we replied:

Let me see if I got this straight.

Semiautomatic AR-15s should be banned because they’re (a) not accurate, (b) their barrels are too short, (c) they accept 30-round magazines, and (d) you can’t hunt with them because they won’t humanely kill an animal with one shot.


Long-barreled, accurate, low-capacity, bolt-action .50BMG rifles, capable of obliterating any living creature on Earth with just one shot, need to be banned because shut up.

Got it.

You see, people like Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer (not to mention our very own, hopefully soon-to-be-unemployed Carol Shea-Porter, Anne Kuster, and Jeanne Shaheen) don’t want to ban ALL guns, per se, just the ones they deem to be:

– too accurate
– not accurate enough
– too short
– not short enough
– too powerful
– not powerful enough

Starting to get the picture now?

If you’re wondering what the progressive Democrat-approved specifications and standards for accuracy, length, power, and round capacity are, all you have to do is Google “Brown Bess”.

Like we said, they don’t want to ban ALL guns.


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