Our First Political/Legislative Endorsement

The New Hampshire Soap Box is proud to announce our full-hearted endorsement of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s current proposal to tax the working people of Massachusetts back to the Stone Age Precambrian Era.

Candy, soda, tobacco, and bottles of water and sports drinks are all in Gov. Deval Patrick’s crosshairs as announced another $2 billion tax wish list in his $34.8 billion proposed fiscal 2014 budget at the State House this afternoon.

Among the tax highlights:

– The cigarette excise tax would be hiked by $1 to $3.51 per pack. Taxes on cigars and smokeless tobacco would also increase.

– The state would essentially expand the bottle bill to include water bottles and sports drinks on deposits.

– Candy and soda would no longer be exempt from the state sales tax.

With Democrats in Concord doing all they can to water down the New Hampshire Advantage, it’s nice to see elected officials in Massachusetts working hard on their end to make up for it.

“This is a plan to grow jobs,” Patrick insisted about his push to hike taxes.

In other news, unbeknownst to many, they’ve apparently legalized recreational marijuana use in the Massachusetts State House.

Hope you brought enough to share, Governor.


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