Crisis Exploitation 101

Want your unpopular tax hike passed?

Worried about taxpayer resistance?

No problem. Just use the official Democrat Crisis Exploitation plan.

Step 1. Promise the voters that all the revenues raised will go toward a worthy cause, knowing full well it’s ALL going into the general fund to be spent in as reckless a manner as you and you colleagues can conjure up. Bonus points if it involves saving puppies or orphans.

CONCORD, N.H. — Granite Staters could see a jump in gas prices soon if a proposal in Concord is approved.

The bill calls for a 12-cent increase in the gas tax over three years. The money raised would go toward fixing the state’s decaying roads and bridges.

Step 2. Come up with a scary-sounding phrase ending with “cliff”. Nobody wants puppies or orphans to fall off cliffs.

Sponsor Rep. David Campbell, D-Nashua, said New Hampshire is heading toward an infrastructure cliff.


On a side note, I hope Rep. Campbell makes sure their list of road repairs includes that stretch of Route 101 between Epping and Raymond that was unnecessarily paved over as part of the Obama’s trillion-dollar, money-flushing, busy work-making Stimulus Bill a few years back. Oh, did we mention that the top course of asphalt is already crumbling apart?


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