Should Be a No-Brainer Spray-painter faces year in jail for graffiti

PORTSMOUTH — Police want an Islington Street man to go to jail for a year — for spray-painting graffiti — because the graffiti was painted while he had a year of suspended jail time for five other graffiti convictions.

Law enforcement officials have two options here.

1. Enforce the law and punish those who violate the law, in accordance with sentencing guidelines prescribed by the law.

2. Look the other way and give incorrigible offenders a slap on the wrist, telling them that we here in New Hampshire are now operating under Massachusetts’ tough Thirty-Three Strikes Law.

Harding was convicted April 30, 2012, of five misdemeanors for spraying graffiti at the Hanover Street bus stop, on a wall at the Gaslight restaurant, a bathroom door inside the Coat of Arms, and the inside of a bathroom at Fat Belly’s.

As part of a plea agreement, a felony alleging that damage to Fat Belly’s was greater than $1,000 was dismissed.

This deadbeat slacker was given the gift of a lifetime with the dismissal of the felony charges against him. So, how does he show his gratitude for having been given a second chance? He goes right back out and continues committing the crimes that got him there in the first place.

If all he does is a year in the can, he’ll be getting off easy.


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