Pop Quiz Time

Editor’s Note: I have yet to hear a (so-called) “progressive” answer this simple question.

It’s 1:00 AM on the streets of a large American city.

A gay couple leaves a nightclub and starts walking back to their apartment. At the same time, an angry (and very bigoted) drunk is being kicked out of a bar across the street for having started a fight.

Still filled with rage, he sees the gay couple across the street laughing and holding hands on their way home. He grabs a 2-by-4 from a nearby dumpster and crosses the street and confronts the couple, swinging the piece of wood and yelling hateful slurs.

There is going to be violence.

Whom would you prefer to see on the receiving end?


One Response to “Pop Quiz Time”

  1. It’s simple enough. Anyone using aggression and force against another person who is not a direct threat is in the wrong.

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