Depends On Your Definition of “Good”

From the Concord Monitor (registration req’d): New Hampshire Views: A good plan to curb double-dipping.

School officials in Nashua are considering putting a one-year freeze on retirees who want to reapply for a job within the school district. Such a change makes sense on a number of levels.

First, we applaud the board of education for being one of the only groups in the area to openly discuss the practice of “double dipping” and consider what to do about it. For years, towns, schools and the state have hired retired municipal workers to full-time or part-time jobs, allowing them to collect a pension and a salary. These deals can be lucrative for employees, who can collect a combined salary and pension close to $200,000 a year.

A “one-year” freeze? To “curb” double dipping? This is what passes as a courageous, bold plan, worthy of our praise?

Substitute “permanent freeze” for “one-year freeze” to eliminate (not “curb”) double-dipping and then we can start throwing around phrases like “good plan”.

Want to collect your taxpayer funded pension?


Going back to work after you retire to collect yet another taxpayer-funded salary?


But, you’re no longer retired.

No pension.

How is that a difficult concept for some to grasp?


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