He’s Probably a Yankees Fan…

…so I guess we shouldn’t expect too much of anything that makes sense to emanate from his low-capacity brain.

Via Real Clear Politics:

REP. PETER KING (R-NY): “I voted for the Assault Weapons Ban back in 1994. My father was a police officer. I really don’t know why people need assault weapons. I’m not a hunter, but I understand people who hunt.”

Let’s make a deal.

You successfully disarm the drug dealers and gangbangers in our inner cities, retrieve the thousands of guns still floating around in the hands of Mexican drug gangs (courtesy of the United States federal government), and take the guns away from the Capitol Police and other government agents providing you with ’round-the-clock security, and then we can sit down and talk about my gun rights and the rights of the tens of millions of gun owners who believe that your freedom and liberty are just as important as ours.


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